Welcome To Socialite Services

Developed on Twitter Bootstrap which makes the application fully responsive on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile
Powerful Admin panel to manage entire application and all kinds of timelines
Emoticons, hashtags, music, youtube video, photos, hangouts and many others can be posted

Enhancing Features of Socialite

  • Find and connect with real people living through out the world
  • Share your posts in other social networks
  • Add links in your posts with new innovative look
  • Place your google Adsense through out the application
  • Connect to Socialite through Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram
  • Now you can save your favourite posts, pages, groups and events
  • Create your albums and upload the pictures right now
  • Any page or a post or a group or an event can be reported
  • Socialite is multi-lingual and available in 16 languages
  • Affiliate System adds an extra flavour to Socialite

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